Wild Forest Inn

Self Catering Accommodation

Graskop - Mpumalanga - South Africa 

Above - A wide panorama from the top of Bonnet Pass.  Stanley Bush Kop the highest of the two peaks on the right and the
God's Window view point to the extreme left of the picture.
Below:  an annotated image taken at noon, from almost the same spot as the one above.

Download to your PC and view another panorama image (180 degrees) - file size = 1.6MB  Click here 
or a 270 degree panorama taken from Stanley Bush Kop - file size = 1.1MB  Click here 

Aerial video - Wild Forest Inn and neighbour from above

The Chalet


Below - A panoramic view from the hill above the establishment.

Below - View from the chalet towards the Escarpment.

The high point on the left on the horizon is God's Window.

Below:  the view from the opposite direction - from the road to God's Window.

Below:  Winter is colourful !!

Below - View of the garden and lawn with water stream in front of the chalet.

Below .. and the view towards the chalet and mountain from the bottom end of the garden/lawn.

The road to the chalet is accessible with a normal sedan vehicle:
Below: Immediately after turning off from the main road (R532) = two cement tracks

After the two cement tracks follows a stretch of gravel (below):

... at the end of the gravel stretch you'll find a lawn pathway to the left (below):
... which finally ends at the chalet (visible on the right through an opening between the trees/shrubs) - picture below:

Above - a "flowery" sight on the property during February each year 

Right and below - some of the regular visitors from the wild forest surrounding us...